How the refer a friend program works is your friend will send you a link (they must reside outside of your household) view email, text or social media.  You will need to enter in your email to start the process and they review and agree to the terms and conditions.  

Once that is done you will be issued a code to use to get the discount off any order of$75* or more.  You MUST use this code at checkout for you to get your reward and after your order processes for your fiend to get theirs.  You are not able to stack discounts and the discount does have exclusions and restrictions.  Please see the full terms and conditions for all Exclusions and Restrictions.


If you are having any difficulty if you can provide all the following:


The link that was sent to you: 

Email of the person who did the referral:

Email of the person who got the referral:

Was the refer sent via SMS, social or email: 

Approx day and time the referral was sent and or accepted


*Note any referrals sent to /from the same device or household or are not new customers are not able to redeem the promotion. Please see the full terms and conditions for all Exclusions and Restrictions.